How to choose the correct casement window stays

How to choose casement window stays

Whether you’re restoring a vintage home or building a new period style home, it’s necessary to get the right window parts. There’s a wide range of window styles, quality materials that match a collection of classic finishes that complete your house. Additionally, the hardware of a window can make the difference between a quality, thermally efficient and secure window and an unreliable, cold and vulnerable window. Below, we’re sharing with you how casement window stays perform when it comes to hardware.

For casement windows, a casement window stay is required to secure the window closed. At the same time, it will secure the window in a semi-open position. A casement window stay adjuster opens and closes your windows so you can let in a bit of sunlight and fresh air. You’ll enhance the look of your window with solid brass, cast iron stays, and adjusters while providing efficient operation.

Various Features

The best thing about casement window stays is that it has a wide range of different designs. Thus it can make a particularly attractive feature. Also, casement fasteners, like our spooned casement fastener, should be screwed to the edge of the window and fastened closed or semi-open. This will allow for ventilation to a mortise plate, or hook plate screwed to the window frame. These fasteners are available in both locking and non-locking designs in a host of different finishes.

Installing Stays

When installing it, the casement window stays should be positioned on the bottom of the window or the window frame. You will see that there are several holes along the length of the casement stay. These holes can be used to keep the window open when positioned on the pins screwed to the window frame. Moreover, casement stays are commonly available in lengths of 203mm, 254mm, and 305mm.

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