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What makes an inviting entrance door?

Come to think of it, first impressions matters. Even when it comes to making a property stunning and memorable, the entrance door has a pivotal role to play. Your primary house entrance reflects the character of a house or a building and its owner.
In recent years the door market has significantly expanded with the sharp rise in residential construction. We have seen an increased demand for solid and engineered timber doors, and a widespread move towards high-value hardware products even for replacement. Now, wonder what the key elements to check when choosing your own impressive entrance door are? Here’s a guide on what you should consider when selecting an external entrance door.


It’s also great to be knowledgeable about how doors can add value to a property. Not only that, it can considerably add to its kerb appeal. Entry doors should show the character and architecture of the house of which they’re fitted. However, when once installed, timber doors face extreme exposure to moisture and dryness. For you to solve this, there are “engineered” materials that are available in the market. You may use products such as MEDITE®TRICOYA®EXTREME which is an acetylated wood panel product. It offers durability, reliability as well as dimensional stability towards changing weather conditions. Other products have high strength, lightness, and good insulation and will make sure that your door has excellent levels of durability and weather resistance.


Timber doors have an extensive range of styles available. Nowadays, some doors are engineered which balance contemporary and traditional styles. This makes them suitable for housing and building developments, and renovations. At the same time, cottage style doors are becoming popular because of its grooved panel effect. This kind of door marries the aesthetic of rustic properties into a modern house or adds character to urban homes.


Front doors – most especially – need to be secure. It has to be strong, should have fortified frame and resistant to attack. At the same time, a door viewer also known as spy hole allows you to check who’s on the other side of the door. Also, to add levels of home security, it’d be great to have metal mortise deadlocks and door chains.


A good factor when choosing doors is the sustainability of the materials used when the door was manufactured. Search for suppliers that hold that they have a chain of custody certification and has responsible forestry management. This certification guarantees that the door can be traced back from its original forest source and its production process. Plus, the certification ensures that it complies with stringent sustainability standards.

Hopefully, you have found these simple tips useful, and you’ve become ready to start shopping for handles, knobs, and locks. If you do have any questions or would like assistance, please feel free to get in touch.

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